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Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Whew, sex pic here

The perfect one to tell you about my next story, Teacher’s Pet. It will be novella size, about 20-25K and hot as hell! I hope you’ll look out for it.

In the meantime, please check out my baseball interracial love novella, Riding the Curve!

Here is the buylink! 

Titillating Tuesday


Morning all. I haven’t been posting lately.

Hard to be the 4th muse, I tell you.

Anyway, I am about to do a post relating to an article I found interesting

It was about interracial relationships.

I’ll explain more in the article

But in the meantime, check out all these lovely IR couples of same gender and opposite.

They’e all beautiful.

What could be so wrong with these pictures?






What I Like About Men – NSFW


Hey there readers. Thanks to all who have already given me a look on my second day of blogging. So, let’s talk about something I love to chat about; the opposite sex, yes men. You know the species that claims to be smarter or even in charge. Hmph… moving on.

As much as I am a feminist, I gotta admit, I love me some men. Doesn’t matter what nationality and age? Well yes, I do like my men to be at least 25 and not over 50. Sorry silver foxes, this girl’s not looking for a sugar granddaddy. *winks* And to those babies who want a sugar momma, look the other way.coltonford27

Yeah, I love looking at some youngins and if the man is in his sixties and looks hella good, then cool. It’s nice to ogle but not to date. At least not for me.

MichaelRadon15Now, back to the topic, what do I love about men? The chiseled face, the smirky smiles. Intelligence, I gotta have a man who’s smart. No, you don’t need to have a million degrees because college papers don’t make you a genius. And you must have common sense, yes please that would be wonderful.

Oh that sounded like my own personal list of wants. Oops. *smiles* Yes I like the chiseled face and bodies. And the thing about men is, they can carry a little weight unlike us women and still look good. Having a perfect ten body would be nice but it’s not totally required. Hell, I’m a size 12 and I fill out all my clothes completely. If I’m not a skinny weenie then I don’t expect my man to be either.

Another thing I love. The v-shape around their midsection. Ooh *shivers* On most men that ColinWayne19leads to a trail I’d love to trace with my tongue. (See Colin Wayne, right) My sistah BL talked about it in a blog recently and after some research…ahem, she didn’t actually find an official name for it but hell, us women just know we like it. Looks good when the jeans and or shorts are hanging low too and I don’t mean off your ass so get that out your head. *shakes fists*

What else is sexy about men? Their muscles, yes but not too much. I’m not into dating any incredible hulks. I also love some facial hair but hey if they look good with none, that’s okay too. And for me, my man must look like a man. The overly metrosexual or feminine looking men are pretty to ogle on FB but not in my bed. I don’t need no man prettier than myself.

*Shar shakes her head in response*

What Shar? Yeah I know you like em pretty. *winks*

benjamingodfre87There are so many things sexy about men, I’m sure there are more to list. Notice I didn’t mention the hardware. Why? Cause as nice as big dicks are lovely to look at, that doesn’t necessarily mean a man knows how to use it. Been there, done that. *shrugs* A man has to know how to make love or fuck a woman appropriately regardless of his cock size. You know it’s true ladies. In my opinion, any man who names their cock might have some insecurities about how they fuck or the size. *laughs*

So chime in. What do you like about men? If you’re so inclined leave your thoughts.