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Titillating Tuesday


I added more to Teacher’s Pet yesterday while doing edits!

Now I’m waiting on my cover artist to finish as well as the betas to finish reading before I release! 

Look for it in the next couple of weeks!

Here is the blurb: 

Tagline: Will the reward be worth the regret?

Blurb: That’s what 41-year-old professor, Genevieve Bailey is asking herself. In a bold move, she’s uprooted herself from the small midwestern town to the Big Apple in search of new challenges. Going from teaching high school to college, shouldn’t be that difficult. Unless the students are anything like the hottie who wouldn’t stop eyeballing her the very first day.

Sloane Maddox is an opportunist. Though he cares little about school, he does enough to get by. Being one of seven children, he’s ready to step out on his own, but instead, Sloane wishes to know more about Genevieve’s mind and body. Heavy emphasis on the last one. Genevieve is the first woman who’s managed to interest him this quick.

Genevieve isn’t sure if this risk is worth taking. Should she ignore Sloane and move on or have a rendezvous with the young man to fulfill all her fantasies. Age ain’t nothing but a number, but the years between them and the fact he’s her student pose additional problems. Issues, Genevieve is sure she doesn’t want to deal with.

Titillating Tuesday


Hey all!

I’m chilling in Nola, with a hurricane in hand, ready to shake my bootay!

No, not really, but I’m having a good time.

Okay I am drinking… and…


Ahem. Anyway, this pic makes me want to write a black/Asian story!

They like a little swirl too from time to time!

Enjoy your day, and have a good Valentine’s Day too!

Titillating Tuesday

I love ALL interracial stories and that includes stories with GLBTQ characters. Love is LOVE!

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

12047368_832775190170212_1731675894_n Picture NOT Mine

Good mornin!

I’ve started on the paranormal short for now, so at least I’ve got words written.

Maybe, just maybe I can get it to a publisher in the next coupe of months!

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