Racism? You Don’t Say?

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A discussion came up on Facebook regarding the apparent lack of diversity in publishing when Martha Boss, book blogger, educator, and model shared her opinion regarding the lack of diversity at book events. She explained that she had no desire to attend any literary events that didn’t have authors from all walks of life. And in the United States of America in 2017, one would think that such an opinion would be positively acknowledged and celebrated. Unfortunately, an uproar of finger-pointing and finger-wagging ensued by some disgruntled readers of her post. On a positive note, the conversation inspired me to write this post.

Before I delve into where I stand on this matter, I will first give some background knowledge and context.

Most of you may know that my husband is white. I bring up his skin color because of the nature of this post. You see, some time…

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Monday Musings

Michael’s thoughts on marriage equality in Illinois!

Michael Mandrake


Yesterday marked the 1st day of marriage equality in Illinois

And today, I hope to see lots of update about same sex couples across the state getting their licenses and going to city hall.

My biggest thing is, why would anyone deny someone their basic freedoms?

Everyone should be able to fall in love regardless of gender and or orientation.

What are the so called critics of same sex marriage afraid of?

Seeing 2 men getting married is a detriment to your marriage?

How so?

I’d think cheating or any differences of an opinion would be more of an issue.

I’m still waiting for a good reason why people feel the GLBTQ community shouldn’t be able to get married.

Why is this?

Because they’re is no reason.

It’s pride month too so celebrate and hold your heads high, peeps.

Celebrate diversity and equality in every way

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