Veronica Catching Up

Whew, has it been a month already? Seems like times flies by fast enough when you are a real person but even faster when you’re a muse. I have to admit, Shar has been hella busy trying to edit, release, and complete books for Michael, BL, and Rawiya so I’m patiently waiting but it does get to be annoying at times, especially when there are things going on that need to be talked about.


Here are two news stories that came through that I couldn’t wait to at least give an opinion on.


  1. Clippers


You can’t even talk NBA playoffs without speaking about the controversy surrounding The Los Angeles Clippers. I’d rather show the logo because all people involved except for the coach, the players, and the NBA commissioner who worked so fast to get rid of the idiot who owns the team.


In short, the owner was tapped by his girlfriend, no wait, mistress during a dinner conversation, saying some very hateful things against minorities, namely Magic Johnson. This caused outrage to people across the US with some saying his first amendment rights were violated and others saying he was a bigot. No, his first amendment rights weren’t violated but he was duped. I’ll give him that. The, uh, female who decided to take him claimed in an interview how he was from a different generation and repeated to Barbara Walters that he wasn’t a racist. He also said he wasn’t a racist and his wife? Well, she wants her piece of the team, claiming the fans love her.


Yes I know I’m probably bogus for not mentioning names but the owner, the wife, and that mistress are all foul in my eyes and don’t deserve more attention than their already getting.


In my opinion, good job by NBA commissioner Silver who acted quickly, instituting a lifetime ban on this fool. And as for that, er, female who says he’s not a racist? Please go away. You’re not innocent in this. You’re a two timing piece of trash! To the wife? No comment but I guess she just wants to get paid too. And later we find out this man is suffering from cancer. Well, I hate to say this but, looks like karma is really a bitch in this instance.


  1. Michael Sam


Find the full page article written by Shar above. In my eyes this man is a hero. And I really don’t care what the pundits around the NFL say; if this man wouldn’t have gotten drafted the league would’ve been criticized heavily for not welcoming him even though he’s gay. Kudos to the St. Louis Rams and also to ESPN for showing the celebratory kiss that made me cry. *sheds tear* Seeing Sam show so much emotion around family and friends gave me hope that we’re making a step in the right direction.


Of course the idiots came out in full force with some saying ESPN shouldn’t have shown the kiss on national TV and a player from the Dolphins tweeting how horrible it was to see Sam kiss his boyfriend. Immediately, the Dolphins disciplined him, fining him and suspending him for just that tweet. I’m glad the Dolphins took swift action but I’m on the fence there. No question, Sam will hear crap from fans, on the field from players on his team and opposing ones. To fine a guy for what he says on his Twitter, um, I dunno. Is that right? Still, I’m glad to see Sam drafted and as I write this, Oprah is giving him his own documentary. *rolls eyes* moving on.

***There is more but these are the two that stuck out most in my mind. There’s always something to talk about in the news even if you don’t watch it.

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