Misconceptions About Size


Greetings readers. Wow, its been almost two weeks since I last blogged. OMG.  0.O After the last one, Shar and fam went on vacation so that meant the muses had to go too. *smiles* What an eventful vacation it was too. Still a lot of fun was had in New Orleans even though the weather sucked most of the trip. It was still a blast and real nice to get away from Chicago.


So, our last blog before Rawiya’s stop was about size. We were talking about the average length and width of a man’s penis. However, where did all these myths about size start? Why do some of us feel that the bigger is always better?


Well, let’s start with that common myth of… nike-jordans-zone-Nike-Air-Jordan-12-Men-Big-shoes-White-Black-size14-size15-003-01the bigger the shoe size, the bigger the dick. Or something like that. *chuckles* You know you believed it too. Once you were old enough to notice a boy’s pee pee, the fast girls or boys, told you to pay attention to Jimmy’s size twelves. Aw hell, if he’s got big feet, it means he’s got a lot going on in between his legs. Well ladies I hate to tell you, that’s not always true. Just because Freddy is rocking size 10 or above don’t mean his dick is big. Just look at your man’s feet and think about what he’s working with? Uh huh, is it true? Mhmm, thought so. Moving on.


john-in-china-catNext one is the porn industry. Remember John Holmes? May he and his huge schlong rest in peace. His Wikipedia claims he measured himself at about 13 inches. Wow, 13? What could you do with 13? Anyways, this is another reason we might expect way too much of our men. It’s all John Holmes fault and others like him, tossing their girth around on screen, making their costars squeal. And when we watch we always say, wow, what I could do with that. Seriously? Could you REALLY do anything?

As I said in the last article, just pray he knows how to use his weapon if he is packing heat. Nothing worse than being with a man who doesn’t know how to use his big dick!


485615_370094136440789_88114755_nLastly, what about the look of the man? Ladies and gents, we just ASSUME that a man who looks good has gotta be hung. Well, I’m sorry to say, that isn’t always the case. And um, some of those muscle bound men you like ogling, they might be lacking down there in the size department. I

dunno if you noticed how small those bikini underwears are when those men are up on stage all greased up and flexing. *cocks eyebrow* Now that’s not to say that all of them have that issue. Let me do some investigating to find out… ColinWayne19*waves for Colin Wayne* Ahem, no seriously, all of these are myths about a man’s size but as we said in the last article, size is not always a big deal. If the man knows how to make love to you properly then that should be good enough. After all, you’re with him for his personality and intelligence, not his dick. Or are you?


Leave your thoughts if you’re brave enough!

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