Another Post About Size

sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-2014-cover-revealed-01  Greetings readers. It’s been a few days and yes I know I need to finish the story. Shar’s anniversary was Monday and she was not only trying to finish a book for Rawiya but release brother Michael Mandrake’s new book on the same day. Busy woman!  Shar loves that we muses driver her nuts which we do. *snicker*

So, today’s post is about something Shar and me heard on the radio. Since Shar is a big sports fan; she listens to sports in the car while driving for her EDJ. Monday and Tuesday’s topics were about the latest swimsuit issue for Sports Illustrated and a columnists’ view on how these ladies on the cover weren’t a true representation of women.

Rick Telander, a columnist for the Sun Times and a male I might add, had a beef with the cover. Here is a link to his article. In this small blurb he argued that SI should’ve picked women with ‘better derrieres’ and that it was an ‘insult to show women with scrawny butts.’ He called them anorexic, 2 career dieters, etc. *laughs* that may or may not be true but the ladies are attractive.

In contrast, one of the hosts from the radio show called out Telander wondering why he had such a problem with it. He stated he loved the issue and that he liked seeing women whose jobs are models and how they look like cartoons. He also argued if young girls have issues with seeing this magazine then the parents have even bigger problems. Not all the time do I side with this host’s opinions but in this case I have to agree. We as people need to encourage our little girls to be proud of who they are whether they’re skinny or with junk in the trunk.  It’s not SI’s job to be conscious of what our young women’s body image is, that falls on us as parents.

There’s always been a debate over women and how magazines feature them on the cover. Often, critics have argued that theKate-Upton-Vogue-Magazine-June-2103-3 fashion world should be more open to showing plus size models and or women with curves. I used to think that too and actually I still agree to an extent. However, to say it’s a disgrace by showing these women on the cover goes a bit too far. Though skinny, they are lovely women and even if most of the female society might not be as small, we shouldn’t detract from the ladies that are smaller than us plump and fabulously voluptuous women. I think it goes both ways right? Some of these models are pressured into being smaller because even though some fashion mags and or designers have bent a little by showing more “healthier” models, by and large they still want more women who don’t have weight on them at all. Skinny ladies are under pressure too. Many of these fashion agents and or designers make unusual demands on them to stay thin just so they can walk the runway in the latest outfits. That is where the problem lies, not with SI.

So, calm down, Mr. Telander, it’s all entertainment. And I thank you for standing up for some of us “healthier” gals when talking about the cover but real women, no matter what size, know that true beauty isn’t about your waistline, it’s about how you feel as a woman and your personality.

Ladies, if you’re small like these models or pleasantly plump, be happy with yourself. And if you have daughters, little sisters, or nieces, instill in them that real beauty must come from within.

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