Does Size REALLY Matter?

toccarajones7Greetings readers. Okay, enough with the serious posts for a bit since I’ve been on a mean tip. *grins* How about something fun and sexy this time around? Oh I know, talking about sex. Hmm, sex, what is THAT like? *laughs* Even though I’m a single muse doesn’t mean I don’t get it from time to time.

Hmm, well okay, well go more into the sexy bits later but back to the size. Some men like a little extra chunks on their women and it got me to thinking. What about? Well, after talking with a friend about attempting to find that special someone, we chatted a little bit about size and how some guys don’t like women who are plus. Oh, you thought I was going to talk about cocks? *smiles wickedly* We’ll save that for a later date. Let’s talk about women first.

(Model featured Toccara Jones)

So, men I must ask you, are you interested in women who are curvy or do you like the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini kind of gals? It’s not a problem if you do. Perhaps you’re not into women who have a little extra weight on them and that’s perfectly okay. 485615_370094136440789_88114755_nWe all have our preferences just like, I love a tall man and won’t date anyone shorter than me. My ideal is about six feet and muscle from head to toe. Mmph. *licks lips* (See the unnamed hot cowboy on the right)  That’s the kind of man I want but back to you males, do you like women who are around size ten and up? Are you into the voluptuous vixens that don’t always grace the covers of Vogue or Cosmo? If you are, bravo because most women in America don’t fall in the under size ten category. A lot of everyday women do have some pudge around the middle, a lil more junk in the trunk, thunder thighs and so on. What is wrong with this? Hey, as long as the woman feels confident in herself and is healthy absolutely nothing. And honestly, we women need to feel better about our weight. I mean its okay to want to lose weight but don’t try to be anorexic for godsakes. If you’re trying to improve self image, then cool, do it for you, not because you want to get more dates. And gentlemen, support your full figured female any way you can.

ChristinaHAfter all, so much of the world is built on stereotypes. One I hate is fat women are lazy or they’re dressed sloppily. This doesn’t have to be the case. (Good example actress Christina Hendricks. Fun and fab in her plus size) We might not be able to wear the teeny little miniskirt that smaller women wear. Well shit, at least I HOPE you’re not trying to fit all that into some spandex. *shakes head* Wear clothes that flatter your body and say, hey, I’m me and I’m proud of my body the way it is.1000140_394769880632839_114386002_n (1)

Before I end this post, one thing that kind of bugs me; just a little. You knew it was coming right? *smirks* In literary fiction, women with a little more around the edges are portrayed as lonely women with low self-esteem. Now, I’m not saying this is true of all books but in a recent hetero that fellow muse Corey Patrick did on a story, the plus sized heroine did seem, well a little more than hopeless. If you’d like to read the review, go here.  Now, that doesn’t mean we, Shar and us muses, didn’t enjoy the book, we just wanted the female to be portrayed as a more confident gal but then, I suppose that would’ve been too unique. *shakes head* Often, the media portrays women who are bigger as poorly dressed and the fat jokes are just part of the skits. It has lessened to a certain degree but more often than not, our fabulously voluptuous heroines don’t exist except when it’s part of someone’s comedy shows.


Do you recall a movie called Babycakes? I’m showing my age here but basically Ricki Lake was a full figured woman looking for love and she found in a pretty good looking guy. After she started dating him, her whole attitude changed. She dressed better, she was happier, etc and then when the guy embarrassed her in front of a crowd, she went back to her drabby clothes and back in a shell. That movie was made back in 1989 and really I don’t think TV has come that far in showing some fun fealess full figured women. Why do we have to be so pitiful? Can’t we be happy before we get the sexy man on our arm? Look ladies, it is possible to achieve happiness being a hot mamma with a little more curves, okay? Be proud of yourself and your body and men who love us, make sure you show it in the bedroom and out!

 Hope you enjoyed the post. Please check out this fun, fearless female blogger. A real gal with curves Militant Baker and stayed tuned, I’ll be doing my first story. Some hot erotica for Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Does Size REALLY Matter?

  1. Every woman is different and every woman handles herself differently. It’s how it’s all put together in relation to ones self. I’ve been with curvy women who were incredibly sexy, and with thin women who had self esteem issues. So, it’s truly on the individual. Anyone who says “I only like this type” clearly hasn’t had all of the items on the menu yet. 🙂 Excellent post!

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