What Decade Do We Live In?

cheerios-interracial-commercial-thumb-450xauto-8283Hey readers. I’m back with another post and this time I’m talking about something that truly irks me. Now, I know everyone has a right to their opinions and you also have that same right to express those thoughts. And when things like the first cute Cheerios commercial went viral there was a backlash. So many people expressing their quote on quote opinions about the mixed raced couple and their biracial child. Cheerios didn’t back down however and did another for the Super Bowl. Good for them because it shows the company’s commitment to promoting diversity.  What happens, even more of a backlash from many saying how “wrong” it is for Cheerios to show a black man and his white wife. Wow. *shakes head* I’m sorry, how is this wrong? This commercial features a loving family with their cute little kid. Why do we have to focus on the color of the people or their child? It’s a freaking cereal ad! Why the heck are people so up in arms about it? Because, America has yet to fully embrace diversity!

That prompts me to ask, what decade are we living in? Have we entered a time warp where there will be separate doors for whites and “negroes?” Are there still places where no “race mixing” is allowed? Well, actually there is and they exist all over the United States. Many say we’ve gotten over racism when we elected a black President. Nope, uh-uh, not even close. We may have made strides but there is truly much further to go when people allow a commercial as harmless as this one to upset them.

And what about my own situation? Or actually, Shar’s? She’s involved in a mixed marriage with a Hispanic man and her daughter is biracial. No question, her daughter will probably get teased or taunted for being part Mexican. What the heck is wrong with people? Why can’t everyone love who they want to love regardless of race? If you have a preference to date within your own, fine but don’t condemn those that want to branch out and that’s on both sides, brothers and sisters. When you see me, a black woman, strutting down the street with a fine man of another race on my arm, don’t hate, be glad for me that I found someone I could be real with.

It’s upsetting to me to still see people not accepting each this country for what it is. It is a melting pot, full of people from many countries and unique in our own ways. If God wanted everyone to be white he would’ve made it that way. And to those who think you’re a hundred percent of anything, try following your family tree. You’re most likely part European or Native American, or might even have traces of African free men or slaves in your bloodline. To assume you’re completely one race is ridiculous, ignorant, and shows a lack of understanding of what this country was supposed to be about. Leaders like Martin Luther King preached diversity for everyone regardless of race, creed, or nationality. And he might not have said sexual orientation but we need to throw that in there too. Respect one another and their differences as well as their right to love who they want. We’re in the twenty first century people; time to let go of the hate and start showing the love for your fellow man.


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