Just say NO to sagging pants

1Hello again readers. This is your girl Veronica with another trending post. Oh I’ll have a lot of these especially when I’m not writing fiction. Guaranteed, you shall hear my words one way or the other. I dunno if that’s bad or good but hey, if you’re here on my blog it must mean you wanna hear me talk.

So, remember how I said I was a mature woman? That means I’m forty and ninety percent of the time, I act my age. Of course, being human I do like a tad of the silliness and I’ll even give props to some of the latest fads and trends but one I cannot, no I CANNOT get with is the sagging pants! Listen, men of all ages and creeds, please pull your pants up. It is not attractive nor is it cool to wear your pants sagging off your rear end. Just who thought this style was cute and why has it lasted so long?

Unfortunately, it seems it started in the hip hop culture with many black teens wearing too big pants and letting the world see what color their underwear is however, I’ve heard it originated in the prisons, giving the signal to anyone behind bars that the person wearing them was ready for some action. Yeah you know somebody’s bitch and getting fucked in the ass? Well, why on earth would this translate to a hip style on the streets? I mean, I love some man love as much as the next person but for men who want to consider themselves straight, why would you wear your pants hanging off your butt? Just what are you trying to prove and you know, most men who do this have no butt to speak of. The belt is so tightly wound around them, it looks ridiculous.2

Gents, if you wanna show your ass, why not take it all off and become a stripper? I mean, if you’re gonna show your butt at least get paid for it. In my opinion, this style shows how you really don’t give a rat’s ass about how you look. It’s not sexy, nor is it cute and no it doesn’t make me hot.

ColinWayne19I like low riders, yep, when I can see the “v” shape beyond the jeans and they’re not wearing any undies? Hmm, on models it looks pretty hot but I don’t wanna see any man’s butt crack covered or uncovered unless we’re sleeping together. Show some respect for yourself and pull your pants up. Regardless of how cute you are, no man wearin’ their pants sagging on their ass will get past my door. I’m attracted to men who care about the way they dress not to ignoramuses who walk around liking like somebody’s bitch in prison. So, act like you give a fuck and pull up your pants.


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