Love is Love

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, Queen LatifahGood morning readers. Whew, it sure is cold but the muse gets to stay warm inside Shar’s head while she goes out into the polar vortex to make some bacon. *grins* Well, did you watch the Grammys? Shar only watched part of it but we did catch the Madonna/Mackelemore/Queen Latifah performance of “Same Love” which had everybody talkin and or bawlin.

*raises hand*

I mean, what a beautiful display of love; 33 couples some of mixed race and or gender, getting married in front of most of the who’s who in music. It was lovely and I think a great message to those in society who want to hate on the people because of their differences.

971665_10151494259226174_682410364_nNo question, me, being an African American straight woman, I do love me some men. Yep, not a lesbian bone in me even though I have been known to look at a few beauties and do a little double take. Will I act on it? No, but I don’t have a problem with people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered. And as far as the race thing, I’m a swirler. Don’t get me wrong, I love my black brothas but I lean more toward men of a difference race when I look for dates. They’re kind of a preference. Does this mean I won’t date any black men? No it doesn’t ‘cause I’m an equal opportunity lover and hell, I’m in my forties so in my opinion, one can’t be too damn picky but I do have a preference.

The point is love is love. Regardless of whether people are of different age, race, or same sex or race, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s on the inside first and if we’re drawn to a certain kind of man or woman then that’s okay too.

coltonford16 This really hits home for me since the man I almost married decided to come out the closet. He’s everything I wanted in a husband; he’s strong, manly, intelligent, and has a career. His name is Cleo and even though we didn’t make it to the alter he’s still my best friend. And he isn’t the gay man the media likes to portray. They’re getting better but Cleo grimaces when he sees the overly feminine, likes to go shopping, switching gay boy on television. Not all gay men are like that and Cleo definitely isn’t. And not saying there’s anything wrong with feminine men either. People are people and if that’s what makes them feel comfortable then it’s all good.

We’ll talk more about Cleo at a later time but the point is, love is love people. If everyone was the same, this world would be down right boring. If you find the right person in someone that’s of the same sex or of a different race, don’t stop it, embrace it. We know it in our hearts, just like I did with Cleo and heck, if it doesn’t turn into a commitment, wait for the next one. Hell, I’m still waiting but I won’t give up. I know there’s a good looking Mister out there who wants to be my significant other.

Shar’s inspiration for Cleo is Colton Ford

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