Why, Mr. Sherman…why?

RSHiya doin’ readers. Occasionally I’ll be doing posts about things going on in the news. No worries, I won’t be forcing my political or religious views on you… (I’m a democrat and a Christian) Ahem… Yep and proud of it but yeah, I’ll be blogging about things that bug me as well. Hell, I am a middle aged woman and like most in my age group, I have thoughts.

Soo… the story this week has been nothing but Richard Sherman. Oh, I didn’t tell you I’m a rabid sports fan as well but it’s okay, you just met me. Oh, you aren’t? Well, if you didn’t know who Richard Sherman was before Sunday then you certainly do now. Richard Sherman is a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. And yeah, for those who don’t know about football, cornerbacks play on the defensive side of the ball; you know the side that stops the other team from scoring? *grins* And yeah, if you didn’t realize who this player was then you certainly have noticed even if you didn’t want to.

Let’s give a little background for those who don’t pay attention or live under a rock. At the NFC championship game this past Sunday, Richard Sherman made an awesome defensive play in the end zone to stop the San Francisco 49ers from scoring in the last couple of minutes of the fourth quarter. Actually, it was an interception to be exact and Richard Sherman and his team were quite hyped. As they should be and hell, I would be too when I stop the opponent from winning the game. Immediately after, Fox’s version of Barbie, Erin Andrews went to interview Mr. Sherman. I won’t quote word for word what his rant was but to sum it up, he called his opponent, wide receiver Michael Crabtree a sorry receiver and that he, meaning Sherman was the best corner in the NFL.crabtree-sherman-history-arizona

Wow. Quite a statement there on national television there partner. You just won, we get it, you’re hyped but to call out your opponent, and mind you he screamed into the microphone as if he were being interviewed by Mean Gene on the old WWF shows. In my opinion, his rant was not only classless, it was ignorant and it took all the focus off his team who is now going to the Super Bowl to play against the Denver Broncos. So much so, his coach apologized for his rant and after a day or two, Mr. Sherman himself apologized calling his own rant immature. Ya think? Yeah Mr. Sherman, it was indeed immature and showed a lack of class.

Not only did his tirade take the glory away from his team but it also caused quite a shit storm on social media. People from all over called him a thug, a fool, and yeah, the racial slur came up too. Now, mind you, I’m a proud black woman so of course I don’t condone the idiots who called him the n word for his rant. However, I have to say he brought this all on himself. Why in the world did he have to call out an opponent on national TV? And yeah, why act that way when you just won most likely the biggest game of your life? I have to say your rant brought undue attention not only to yourself but to your team in a very negative way. Once again, something happens that gets people riled up about race relations and interestingly, this happens the day before MLK day. Sherman even brings that up in a column he did the following morning saying he was surprised by the reaction he got from so called fans. Um, Mr. Sherman, why would you expect any less? You’re acting the part of the stereotype that many attribute to African-American men; angry, thuggish, and trash talkers with little or no education. And it just so happens, Mr. Sherman is a Stanford graduate. Yay, whoopdy doo for him. However, none of his degrees seemed to help when he spewed this crap about Crabtree all over Erin Andrew’s mic.

So, again Mr. Sherman, I ask you why are you shocked about the reaction. Your rant just gave more fodder to the racist idiots who think every black person is a threat to human society. You shamed your team, your community, and you made yourself look like a buffoon. And despite all of your education, nothing stopped you from ripping Crabtree in front of millions, showing your lack of class and disrespect for another individual. Yes, you did yourself and other black men a disservice. And for this, I am very unforgiving.

Why Mr. Sherman, why? Perhaps the next time you’ll keep those thoughts to yourself because no matter if you were in the moment or not, true character is showed by those who win like they been there before.  

3 thoughts on “Why, Mr. Sherman…why?

  1. Love this but I’ve got to disagree with you here. I don’t expect athletes to quote Ovid or Cicero after winning the one of the biggest games in their careers. I watched Richard Sherman’s “I’m all that and a Happy Meal” spiel and while it was slightly cringe-inducing, it’s nothing new. Moreover, I’ve seen worse behavior from John McEnroe and Tom Brady. Respectability politics don’t belong in sports. By the way, Sherman is a Stanford graduate so stupid he most definitely isn’t. Full of testosterone most definitely. I just hate that race so easily got injected into this, but sadly it doesn’t take much.

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