Welcome to My Blog

10000739_s   Greetings people. This is the newest muse of Sharita Lira introducing myself to the masses. Why this woman feels she needs so many voices I don’t know but perhaps it’s a condition she hasn’t been diagnosed with as of yet.


Regardless, I’m happy she decided to finally reveal me to tell some stories about mature women who still seek that happy ending, the man who will come sweep them off their feet and he hasn’t appeared as of yet. Luckily, Shar has found her Mr. Right but it wasn’t immediate and she still has friends who haven’t been as fortunate. *sigh* It’s rough out there for more mature women to fall in love with the right person and that’s basically what I’m about. 

I’m the muse who talks about the realities, including the ugliness in the dating scene. Do personals work? How about the dating sites that charge to find you the person of your dreams? Yeah right and then there’s the old fashioned trying to meet people when you’re out and about. Have you joined health clubs, attended any sporting events, or joined a yoga class only to be disappointed by the old as your grandfather types that try giving you their numbers? Yeah, I know, been there done that. No offense to grandpa Charlie but I really want someone in my age group or hell, if he is younger, not so young that I feel like a freaking pedophile. 

Yeah you ladies been there and instead of telling the tales of young twenty somethings looking for love and eventually finding it, I’m talking about more mature women set in their careers or still floundering around with bullshit jobs. The women who thought they were there, almost at the alter and their Mr. Right turned out to be all kinds of wrong. *sigh* 

For those who already know Shar’s other muses, you know about BL and Rawiya right? Well, I’m a mix of BL and Rawiya. I can have major tude like BL with some snark and like Rawiya I love my men like I I love my wardrobe; with a variety of colors. No gay stories here as I’m totally straight but I’m no homophobe. In fact they’ll be many stories with some mention of gay friends or men I’ve come across that might be on the down low.

And just an FYI, like BL, I swear a lot. The four letter words are part of my regular vocabulary. I bring the heat in my stories too so not real sweet and sappiness for me, more like the real erotic with some spice and a lot of reality. 

I’m really happy Shar decided to go on with this project. To tell stories for us more mature women who often get left behind in the world of erotica romance. Just because we’re over 35, we’re not dead. Sure we about to go through the dreaded changes but we aren’t that close to having one foot in the casket. We’re still living, still seeking, and just hoping to find the lifetime partner. And  that’s why my tagline is living the life, seeking Mr. Right.

Welcome to the real world, ladies. This rollercoaster ride through reality has just begun.

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